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Have you every felt an affinity to a past civilisation or period in time? Have you ever visited somewhere and felt an uncanny sense of familiarity, as if you'd been there before? Many people feel this, a sense of déjà vu when it's somewhere they've never stepped foot. 

I know I have. Several times I've entered a building or visited a site and felt as if I've been there, as if I was seeing the scene through the eyes of someone I'd been before. Once was in a cathedral, only to be told by a psychic years later that I had lived there in a previous life in the 1400's. Once there were several threads throughout my life which were touched upon a single place, before I even made it there in this lifetime.

When I was young, I remember visiting an antiques fair with my nan. I was drawn to a stall with thousands of postcards in boxes and I stood for a while, sifting through. Eventually I came across an old postcard which showed an etching of a tudor-style panelled long gallery. There was nothing unusual or even particularly interesting about this image, it was pretty bland but for some reason, I remember being mesmerised by it and it was bought for me. I held on to this postcard for years, standing it up on a shelf in my room.

As I grew up, as things do over time and house moves, it was lost, from my belongings and from my memory. Many years later, I planned a holiday for a week and began looking through some brochures for places to visit. One I picked up instantly drew me in. It wasn't a particularly informative leaflet but I was amadamant I wanted to visit this old hall whilst I was in the area. As I walked around the hall, it held an ancient energy which felt oddly familiar and alive. Drawing to the final wing of the hall, I walked up a set of old stone grand steps and pushed open the colossal, pitted oak doors and there behind them was the panelled long gallery from the postcard. Instantly, I felt as if I was shifted to some crossroads within time and I could feel many layers at once. I started to feel memories of being there before. The thing is, I experienced several of these strange coincidences during that week, which only served to convince me that I had lived in that area in a previous life.  

I started to explore past life readings more seriously through several mediums until I perfected a system which worked well, before starting to read for other people. I use both Akashic Reading and Journeying, dependant on which I feel would suit the client best. I only offer one service for this, as I am not able to guarantee how much will come through at any one time. It may be one life or it may be several. You can request an open reading if this is purely out of interest, or if you have a specific question or issue you are struggling with, I can attempt to explore this further for you. Please bear in mind this can take at least a week to complete and delivery to you.

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Open Reading

This is an open past life reading. It will include information on any lives which are made apparent to me with as much detail as possible. It will not answer any specific questions, but be purely informational.



This is a focussed past life reading. It will include information on any lives which are made apparent to me in relation to the questions or issues you have passed on to me before the reading.

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