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I have listed my three most popular types of spread here for direct booking. The Lenormand system is not as widely known as the tarot, though it does have a long and interesting history. Named after a 19th century French fortune teller Marie Lenormand, this 36 card system is designed as a divination tool. If you have a question which is not a good match for the tarot, you can request a reading with these cards instead.

They can offer short 3-5 card readings, or if you would like an open overview of the present and future energies in all aspects of life, the Grand Tableau, or "the big picture" can help! If you're unsure which would work best for you, just get in touch. If you do purchase directly through the PayPal links below, please ensure your contact e-mail is accurate and that you include your question as a note to the payment. If I need to clarify information before the reading, I will get in touch! 

If you place an order and I feel a different spread would work better for you, I will get your permission before making any changes to your order.

Please allow up to 3 days for your reading to be e-mailed to you from the date of request! This can be up to 1 week for Grand Tableau readings due to complexity.

3 card reading

This is ideal for one specific question. A short answer is provided, but is direct and concise.

Looking Ahead

For a week or month ahead reading, 5 cards are drawn. This can be general or for one specific area of life.

Grand Tableau

This spread uses all of the 36 cards in the deck. It covers all areas of life and the energies currently interacting in each area.

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