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Indie Decks

To date I have created 3 Lenormand decks and one oracle fortune telling deck. In chronological order, left to right is The Gaslight Parlour, limited to 20 decks and are now out of print, the Rota Fortunae, also limited to 20 decks and out of print,  The Curious Chapiteau, limited to 50 decks with current availability and The Devil's Acre Penny Fortune Cards, 100 signed copies. 

You can view more images of the Curious Chapiteau, a vintage circus themed Lenormand, and The Devil's Acre on my Etsy store here.

My fifth creation, Visions of the Bellringer, is currently in creation. These will be limited to 50 copies only!

Get the decks here

Read about the Devil's Acre history here

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